hello, i am ashlee

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day.  I had my heart set on a big, poufy gown with a veil that would trail beyond my train and oodles of flowers.  For Christmas one year, I received a faux wedding bouquet to match my wedding gown (an afghan that I wrapped around my shoulders like a cape) and my veil (the slip from my poodle skirt that I wore like a headband).  Throughout the 26 years that followed, I would plan and re-plan my wedding at least a dozen times.

Ashlee and David Springer

Then, on November 14, 2009, my latest and greatest wedding plan became a reality.  I walked down a very long aisle wearing a poufy gown, a veil that trailed beyond my train, and a bouquet of the most beautiful ivory flowers you’ve ever seen, complete with rhinestone embellishments.  My prince charming waited at the end of the aisle for me and we exchanged vows to one another.

Being an event planner was something I’d always wanted to do.  I started out by helping my friends and family plan and execute their weddings as a hobby on the side and as time went on, circumstances fell into place to allow me to take the dream of wedding planner off the back burner of my heart and make it a reality.  And Smash Events was born.

I love love, weddings, the incredible gift of marriage, beauty, my husband, creativity, people, a good time, coffee, shopping, steak, cities, hanging out with my girlfriends, couture, makeup, sparkly things, the color blue, champagne, emerald cut diamonds, hugs, clouds and rain, reading, city living, Ikea, and West Elm.  If you love some of these things too, we’d probably make a great team for your wedding day.

Ashlee and David Springer

my professional outlook

Your wedding day should be a day where you are completely present.  You should be soaking up every single moment and living fully in those moments.  This is difficult to do when you’re wrapped up into every single detail of the day.  Thorough planning and quality preparation is 80% of what makes a fabulous wedding.  Professional execution of those plans is the last 20%.  When these two elements come together, the bride and groom and their friends and family are able to focus, have fun, and enjoy their wedding day to the fullest.  My job is to ensure all 100% of those elements.  I believe a wedding planner should be fun to be around, situationaly aware, detail oriented, organized, well connected, energetic, have the ability to delegate, trustworthy, and be the bride’s advocate and confidant.