Colorado Springs Easter Day 5K Race *Colorado Event Planner*

April 13th, 2012

There are two things we love in Colorado Springs: running and Jesus.  So it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to get a 5K race on Easter morning here!  Bigwig Races is a new racing company based out of Colorado Springs that puts on premier, high quality 5K and 10K races for all of the crazies runners here in Colorado.  There’s even a chocolate fountain at the end of the race, people.  Is that not the coolest thing ever?!

If you are into running and chocolate fountains, visit Bigwig Races for a schedule of upcoming racing events!

We were blessed with beautiful weather and a higher-than-expected runner turn out!  And really, the hero of the whole event was Rob Gillen, owner of FUNction Pro DJ!  Rob is, without question, the BEST DJ in the region.  He soothed and entertained the crowd all morning. 

Chocolate Fountain Temptation Chocolate

Catering Colorado Mountain Brewery

DJ FUNction Pro DJ

The first finishers following the pace vehicle.

Rob, the freakishly awesome DJ.

Free massages after the race!

Epicentral Open House *Colorado Event Planner*

February 16th, 2012

Venue Epicentral Coworking

Catering Common Cause Catering

Epicentral Coworking is the coolest, hippest (yes, that is a word- in the Smash dictionary at the very least) coworking space in Colorado Springs!  What is coworking you ask?  

Coworking is a style of work which involves a shared working environment, sometimes an office, yet independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization. Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space…” -Wikipedia 

If you are a business owner and find yourself loathing your office (aka your couch or kitchen table) and feel as though you need a trendy, open, inspiring, and innovative space to work or would like to leverage the power of working close to other like-minded individuals, check out Epicentral Coworking.  You will not be disappointed.  They have a latte machine, people.  Seriously…check them out.

Artwork on the left by Fixer Creative


A Baby Shower: Birds + Bikes *Colorado Event Planner*

August 30th, 2011

Branding and Graphic Design Fixer Design

Decor Etsy

I’m going to do my utmost to describe how wonderfully awesome my friend, Sarah, is and how utterly adorable her baby shower was.

A few special tid bits about Sarah:

Her last name is Byrd (yes.  like…bird).

Her and her husband love to bike and could open a small bike shop with their bike collection.  Also, she’s letting me borrow her fab cruiser while she’s pregnant :)   Thanks, Sarah!

She is pregnant with TWIN BOYS!!!  Liam and Elijah will be joining us around the end of September or early October.

And last but not least, Sarah is one of the sweetest, most selfless, giving people I’ve ever known.  She’s one of those gals that makes you think to yourself  “She deserves the very best of everything!”  I’ve been incredibly blessed by her friendship over the years and I can hardly wait to welcome her two boys into this world and give them all the love I can possibly muster!

So with the last name of  Byrd and a love of bikes, the theme of this shower becomes apparent almost immediately: Birds and Bikes.  I will explain the elements in each photo.  Let the birds and bikes fabulousness begin!!

The entire shower was branded with birds and bikes, which you’ll see throughout the details.  Expertly designed by Fixer Design

Delicious cranberry pina colada  “mocktails” in etched, bird glasses that guests got to take home!

Bike wheel cupcakes and cookies + milk shooters

Since there will be TWO babies (“Twice As Nice”), we chose fun food pairings

Stick arrangements, as opposed to flowers

Shower activities???  We had an adorable onesie painting station.  Each guest painted a onesie using free hand or stencils that we provided and then hung them on the clothes line to dry!

Then we did a Baby Byrds mad lib!  This was quite hilarious and provided plenty of laughs :)   Also, the fabric you see in some of the photos is a wood grain print.  This will double as the fabric for custom made crib bumpers for both boys.

And a huge chalkboard themed drawing on the wall by the ever-talented Fixer Design

The mother-to-be and friends!

Congratulations, Sarah!  Can’t wait to meet the Baby Byrds :)

An Open House for Legacy Title Co *Colorado Event Planner*

June 1st, 2011

Venue and Client Legacy Title Group

Catering The Picnic Basket

Beer Colorado Mountain Brewery and Phantom Canyon Brewery

I recently had the privilege of putting together an open house for 100 clients of Legacy Title Group, a title company in downtown Colorado Springs.  Matt and his team were a lot of fun to work with.  They are laid back yet up beat and positive and seem to garner great respect from their clients and industry professionals.

The staff at Legacy wanted to have a party that featured local breweries, wine and scotch.  And what kind of food pairs best with beer?  Bar food!  The Picnic Basket prepared an amazing spread of “upscale bar food” for guests to enjoy.  Mini quesadillas, buffalo sliders, and wings were followed up with tasty brownies and cookies.  Oh, and at the end of the party, the Legacy staff gave away a gift card to Colorado Mountain Brewery.

Thank you to Matt and his fun team for making this event a pleasure to put together and best of luck in your business!

(sorry…I had just a point-and-shoot camera so the pictures aren’t the best but you can get the point :) )

One of the appetizer tables

Follow Me!

May 17th, 2011

Raise your hand if you have a love/hate relationship with social media! (I’m raising my hand right now)

My Hates:  It’s kind of like high school.  Whoever has the most “friends” or “followers” is magically deemed “most popular!”  People weren’t lying to us when they warned that high school never really ends…

My Loves: It has brought people and businesses together in a remarkable way.  The best aspect?  The “don’t call me, I’ll call you” dynamic where, instead of people bombarding you with randomness, you sign up for ONLY the things you’d like to be bombarded with!  Genius.  Social media is quick, convenient, and right to the point.  Just the way I like things :)

So in the spirit of following things that you like and liking things that you follow, please follow/like me on Twitter and Facebook.  And in return, I promise to keep things interesting and entertaining with the events I coordinate, tips and tidbits for events you’re planning, and details about my life.

Follow me on Twitter

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To social media!  *insert clinking wine glasses here*

A Mayoral Forum *Colorado Event Planner*

May 13th, 2011

Photography Megan Hardre Photography
Venue CodeBaby
Food and Beer La’au’s Tacos and Bristol Brewing Company
A/V Access Media Group
Logo Design Fixer Design
Event Coordination Yours Truly :)
Website Simplex Studios
Printing Yazzy Print
Business and CPA Next Exit

So, my crazy cool friends got together and had a great idea…let’s host a mayoral forum for young professionals!  (I know…crazy.  But keep reading!)

Tucker, Marcus, and Etienne are an innovative, sharp group of men that I’m honored to call friends.  As some of you may know, Colorado Springs is neck deep in it’s first Strong Mayor election.  So, we decided to host a forum for the candidates to come and share their vision for the young professional community in our city.  We wanted to avoid talking points recitations, stuffy podium debates, and repeat questions so we took to Twitter and Facebook to engage our vital demographic!

In addition to the live audience, young professionals were able to attend the forum via web stream and Tweet or chat in their questions.  Our moderator, Marcus, would then take those questions in real time, weaving them into the interview-style interaction between him and the candidates.

To make this thing happen and not be completely lame, all we needed was an experienced A/V team, event coordination, tacos, beer, live music, photography, sponsors, logo design, a website, an available night in the candidate’s schedules,  and an interesting forum structure.  And we had exactly 3 weeks to pull it off :)   Because of the sheer awesomeness of YPs (young professionals) and our smart, focused team, the forum was a huge success and speaks volumes about the influence and ability of our young professional community!

In the midst of planning this event, we formed a group called Springs Vision Forum, a place where the strong voice of young professionals can be heard and where we can take an active, influential role in shaping the future of our city. To see a replay of the forum, click here!

This is Marcus, our witty moderator.

Mr. Bach was interviewed first, per a coin toss

We took a few questions from the live audience throughout the forum

Then Mr. Skorman had his interview portion

Then we moved into a joint debate session with both candidates

Thank you to all who attended and sponsored this event.  Colorado Springs has not seen the last of its vibrant young professionals :)

A Sneak Peek Soiree *Colorado Event Planner*

February 25th, 2011

Venue and Bridal Dress Shop Something New Boutique
Photographer Rachael Hope Photography
Florist Beautiful Expressions
Catering Whole Foods

When it came time for me to start the grand search for my wedding gown two years ago, I visited six stores between Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and Denver.  Each store had beautiful gowns, of course, but there was only one store that had everything I wanted in a wedding gown boutique:  unique and exquisite dresses, a knowledgeable and trustworthy staff who understood the difference between a French bustle and an American bustle, and fair pricing.  When I arrived at Something New Boutique, I knew I had found the store that had it all. During my appointment, I met Mindi Lindscomb, the owner.  She was warm, she listened to what I was saying, and she had impeccable taste.  After describing to her what I wanted to look like on my wedding day, Mindi pulled a dress- The Dress.

In December, I had the honor of designing a “sneak peek soiree” for Mindi’s new location. She recently expanded her store and with the expansion, she has become THE premier bridal and formal wear store in Colorado Springs and is quickly becoming one of top bridal gown stores in the state.  There are barely words to describe how amazingly beautiful her new store is.  When you walk in, you are convinced that you will be the most breathtaking bride in history!  Elegance, romance, decadence and classic glamor are just a few words that touch the surface in describing her new store.  Be sure to visit her new store and visit their website.

The New Boutique

The Party Details

Mindi Lindscomb, the owner, and her husband, Jordon, and baby Barrett

Be sure to visit this exquisite boutique for all of your formal ware needs!  You will not be disappointed.

A Casino Birthday Bash *Colorado Event Planner*

February 21st, 2011

The Hardre Family… what a blessing they have been to me since I met them through a mutual friend a few years ago.  Etienne and Megan are a dynamic, fun couple who have two of the sweetest little boys you’ve ever seen!  Megan is an extremely talented photographer who I’ve been honored to work with through Smash Events.  Etienne is the guru of all things accounting whom I will be visiting soon for tax help (everything gets more complicated when you own a business…thanks Etienne!)

The Hardre’s moved to Colorado from Las Vegas, so when Megan asked me to help plan Etienne’s casino-themed birthday party, I jumped at the opportunity!  After all, who doesn’t want to involve themselves in a shindig complete with professional dealers, professional tables, Texas Hold ‘Em, and drinks!? The party was a smash and everyone had a great time.  Perhaps some of the greatest moments were captured at the photo booth :)   Scroll on to see some fun shots of the party!  Also, visit Megan’s website here to see her beautiful photography work.

The games…

Etienne loves Mediterranean food so we had cheese, olives, crackers, hummas and delicious artichoke hearts on hand for guests to munch on.

The guests!  Including the birthday boy, Etienne…

The party also featured a photo booth!!

Happy Birthday, Etienne!  We wish you a full and successful year of life ahead of you!