Mike + Samantha *Colorado Wedding Planner*

August 5th, 2013

Venue Spruce Mountain Ranch

Photography Live.Love.Click

Florist The Secret Window

Caterer Cravings

Cake Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe

DJ FUNction Pro DJ Two days after Mike and Samantha graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, they ventured north to Spruce Mountain Ranch to get married.  In a quaint, intimate, rustic wedding ceremony, Mike and Samantha exchanged vows looking out over the breath-taking view offered by Spruce Mountain Ranch.  Samantha chose sunflowers for the floral decorations and bouquets  complimented perfectly by purple dresses worn by the bridesmaids.  It was an honor to work with these two wonderful people and their friends and family.  Best wishes, Mike and Samantha! If you haven’t considered the Ranch for your wedding venue, I cannot recommend it enough!  Every detail of the property has been rigorously thought through and accounted for.  The staff is amazing and of course the property itself is awe-inspiring.  Check them out here.



*Wedding Planning Special For 2013*

January 1st, 2013

Smash Events would like to wish a very special Happy New Year to all of the newly engaged brides-to-be out there.  I’m sure you’re enjoying gazing at the sparkly rock on your left hand from your new fiance! 

To celebrate the beginning of this super fun season of wedding planning that you’ve entered, Smash Events is bringing you a special gift that will help you get the planning process off to a glamorous start!

Receive 20% off any package to the first two brides that book with us for their 2013 wedding.  Just send us an email and mention that you saw this blog post.  We’ll schedule a consultation, get your wedding booked, and voila!!  You save.  It’s that easy!  


**Happy New Year**


Juliana + Alec *Colorado Wedding Planner*

November 28th, 2012

Juliana and I worked together several years ago.  At that time, her and Alec were dating and I remember her being highly uninterested in marriage.  Isn’t it funny how life happens and we change our minds?  Juliana is the type of girl that loves to wear black, plans her life in Excel spreadsheets, and is intensely loyal, loving, and absolutely hilarious!  She’s one of those friends that, after a while of not being around them, you find yourself thinking “I REALLY need a does of Jules right now.”  Alec is the yin to her yang- they balance each other perfectly and love each other passionately.

Juliana, with the help of her dear friends, planned a beautifully modern, rustic wedding at the Mount Vernon Country Club in Golden, Colorado.   Alec’s family baked the cakes that were positively life-changing and David, a member of the bridal party, did ALL of the event design and decorations!  You should check out his interior design business, Color Theory.

I was absolutely honored to coordinate her wedding day and be there to celebrate the beginning of their married lives together.

Sue Ellen + Jonathan Wedding {Colorado Springs Wedding Planner}

January 23rd, 2012

Venue   Boulder Street Church

Wedding Party Attire   Something New Boutique

Photography   Chris Gosnell Photo

Sue Ellen has been a long time acquaintance of mine and is one of the most darling people I’ve met- a woman who is always smiling with an infectious grin.  I’ve never seen Sue Ellen visibly upset (although I’m sure she has been :) ).  She has such a positive outlook on life, even through personal hardships.  So it’s only fitting that they man she marry be outgoing, light-hearted, and joyful.  Jonathan seems to be the perfect match for her and I could not be more excited for the two of them!

Theirs was a quaint Christmas wedding with very personal touches.  Instead of a unity candle, they opted for a unity painting- two separate painting that, when placed next to one another, formed a beautiful piece of artwork.  The reception was casual with guests bringing pot luck dinner items.

Sue Ellen chose the Fancy Day package.  If you are a bride that wants to do the planning on your own but need someone to handle all of your plans and keep things running on the day of your wedding, this is a great package for you!

Rock Ledge Ranch

After taking pictures at Rock Ledge Ranch, they went and relaxed at Shugas!

Clint + Sarah Jackson *Colorado Wedding Planner*

July 20th, 2011

Venue Alpine Lodge

Photographer Megan Hardre Photography

Flowers Red Orchid Design

Cake Creative Wedding Cakes of Colorado Springs

Bridal Attire David’s Bridal

Almost seven years ago, I met Sarah through a mutual friend (hi, Julie!) who was getting married.  Sarah, the lovely L.A. model, is a very sweet soul.  She’s totally glam through and through and has a heart of absolute gold!  We continued to run into each other at various events throughout the years, but on one particular day, I ran into Sarah again…in a bridal shop :) Sarah had recently gotten engaged and her and her mother were shopping for Sarah’s wedding gown at Something New Boutique, THE best bridal shop in Colorado Springs.  We chatted about wedding dress shopping and I mentioned Smash Events to her.  Several weeks later, I ran into Sarah again at Julie’s baby shower (hi, Julie!).  She updated me on the dress shopping mission and other wedding details.  A while later, I got a call from Sarah- she wanted a wedding day coordinator!  We had our first consultation and the rest is history.

Clint, Sarah’s groom, is a perfect match for her.  He is super laid back, thoughtful, loving, and incredibly genuine.  After attending high school together, Clint and Sarah went their separate ways but found the way back to one another in their adult lives.  One of the greatest joys for me working on their wedding was to be an eye witness to their deep, yet simple love for one another.

Clint and Sarah, I wish you all the very highest that God has for you and I look forward to growing our friendship!

Westcliffe, Colorado was the destination for this beautiful, homey wedding.  Sarah loves fabrics and textures so everything from the custom aisle runner to the lanterns to fabric-enveloped archways screamed style.  Enjoy!

Gorgeous Sarah!

Notice the custom aisle runner!  Sarah picked out this fabric :)

Congratulations, Clint and Sarah!  You guys are amazing :)

Derek + Devi: A Wedding for World Travelers *Colorado Wedding Planner*

July 11th, 2011

My husband and I attended a fun and creative wedding a couple weekends ago and I just couldn’t resist sharing a few photos with all of you!

Derek and Devi are world travelers and have a love for different cultures, family, and each other.  Derek has been to over 50 countries and was in the Peace Corps and Devi was born and raised in Cambodia!  They compliment each other so well and make such an incredible team in pursuing their passion for people.

As you’re planning your wedding, or helping someone plan their wedding, keep in mind that there is never any shortage of ways to infuse your passion and personality into the details.  This is a wedding I will never forget because of the simple fact that they did this so well.  Everything was genuine, candid, and love-filled.

The Ceremony

Things we love here:  Devi used old windows for signage and a box (of course from some fabulous country they’ve visited) to hold the programs.

Everyone sat on benches that were in a small wooded area.  The bride and groom and their families stood under umbrellas.  And notice the different dresses for the bridal party and the bride’s mother!

The Reception

The reception took place under a pavilion in the park next to the ceremony area.  Derek and Devi decorated with flag garland, a very popular and cost effective way to decorate for parties!

Things we love here:  Each table was named after a country that they’ve visited.  They decorated with an eclectic collection of vases and bottles and special souvenirs from each respective country. Oh, and the flowers you see?  Cute little arrangements of planting flowers from the local nursery!  Adorable AND cost effective.

Things we love here:  Mason jars doubled as drinking glasses and seating cards!  Guests had their choice of six different drinks and gray and white paper straws finished off the thirst-quenching sippers.  And if that weren’t wonderful enough, the bride and groom had fluted jars for toasting!  Genius.

And perhaps the coolest part of the whole thing??  Chipotle burritos for lunch!  With corn husk paper plates of course…

The “guest book” were outlined pictures on several canvases.  Guests could come and paint a portion of the picture or write a message to the bride and groom.  This is a fantastic way to involve your guests in the festivities and decorate your new home while you’re at it!

Congratulations, Derek and Devi!  I wish you an abundance of blessings, love and peace in your marriage.  Can’t wait to see you guys again!!

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May 17th, 2011

Raise your hand if you have a love/hate relationship with social media! (I’m raising my hand right now)

My Hates:  It’s kind of like high school.  Whoever has the most “friends” or “followers” is magically deemed “most popular!”  People weren’t lying to us when they warned that high school never really ends…

My Loves: It has brought people and businesses together in a remarkable way.  The best aspect?  The “don’t call me, I’ll call you” dynamic where, instead of people bombarding you with randomness, you sign up for ONLY the things you’d like to be bombarded with!  Genius.  Social media is quick, convenient, and right to the point.  Just the way I like things :)

So in the spirit of following things that you like and liking things that you follow, please follow/like me on Twitter and Facebook.  And in return, I promise to keep things interesting and entertaining with the events I coordinate, tips and tidbits for events you’re planning, and details about my life.

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Eric + Tiffany *Destination Wedding Planner*

March 10th, 2011

Ceremony Venue Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue The Ridge Tahoe
Photographer Hall Creations
Florist Thran’s Flowers

Tiffany has been a dear friend of mine from middle school, although I’ve known here since elementary school.  There isn’t enough time for me to list all of the characteristics that make Tiffany such a remarkable person so I’ll do my best to sum it up.  She is the most loyal friend you could ever ask for.  She’s exceedingly thoughtful, loving, understanding, funny, energetic, responsible, thorough, and well rounded.  It’s been my honor to call her friend for so many years and to know that we will have a life long friendship fills me joy and satisfaction.  She truly is a gem.  Her husband, Eric, is no different!  Time and time again he shows his love and faithfulness to Tiffany in every aspect of their lives together, be it big or small.  He is intelligent, fun, laid back, strong and steady.  She is a very lucky lady and again, it has been my honor to call him friend as well.  I love you both!

Early in their engagement, Tiffany and I got right to work on plans for their wedding.  Tiffany and Eric live in the Bay Area and often visit northern California and Lake Tahoe and the area is remenissant of  Tiffany’s home state of Colorado.  So it was fitting for them to have their wedding in Tahoe!  The scenery was nothing less than breathtaking and guests were able to enjoy a weekend full of local activities and attractions.  Tiffany’s mother sewed custom chair covers, aisle treatments and covers for everything else that needed it!  A soft, dusty green was complimented by notes of ivory and peach tones which made a beautiful compliment to the beautiful Tahoe environment.  Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, and dancing on the side of a beautiful ridge in Tahoe.  Scroll down for some beautiful images of this romantic wedding!

My Wedding Day *Colorado Wedding Planner*

February 28th, 2011

Ceremony Venue Shove Chapel
Reception Venue The Fine Arts Center
Photography Audrey Hannah Photo
Caterer Garden of the Gods Gourmet
Florist Beautiful Expressions
Bridal and Bridesmaid Attire Something New Boutique
Lighting Zebra Productions

November 14, 2009- my wedding day.  I could fill this blog post up with cheesey tid bits about how “it was the best day of my life” and “I married the man of my dreams”.  Both of these things are true, of course, but they don’t come close to expressing just how incredible the day was.  Not only that, but my wedding day was merely the beginning of what has become my most favorite time of life thus far.  The gift of marriage has been so extremely satisfying and rewarding that to pin all the greatness of marriage to just the one day would be an injustice.  So let me simply say this- your wedding day is the origin of what could and should be one of the rewarding and fulfilling aspects of your life and from that day on, it just gets sweeter and sweeter.

So with that said, let me dish some of the details that went into the vision for our wedding day.  I wanted our wedding to be a very glamorous event with lots of sparkle.  I wanted it to feel like Old Hollywood without hanging paper stars everywhere.  We ended up with black as a base with a range of shades from ivory to champagne throughout the fabrics and a combination of deep and bright reds for flowers, all topped off with a healthy dose of bling!!  The celebration included hors’ devours, a plated dinner, drinks, custom lighting, a cake with our monogram, sparklers and an 11-piece big band to score the evening.


the ceremony

The reception

And now we are living happily ever after!

Hunter + Lindsay *Colorado Wedding Planner*

February 25th, 2011

Venue Chapel of Our Saviour Episcopal Church
Florist Beautiful Expressions
Photographer Megan Hardre Photography
Videography Big Break Studios
Music The Swing Connection and Lindsay’s flute teach from high school

Hunter and Lindsay met over one of my personal favorite loves in life- coffee.  A few years ago, they both found themselves helping man a coffee station at their college church group.  Hunter pursued Lindsay and after a while, she could no longer resist!   One beautiful ring and a sweet proposal later, wedding plans ensued!

Hunter and Lindsay are a one-of-a-kind couple.  They balance each other in a remarkable way and as a friend and sister to Lindsay, it has been an honor to watch their love grow and develop into something much greater than the two of them individually; it has grown into something divine.

Lindsay wanted a fall wedding, and a fall wedding she had, indeed.  Espresso, pomegranate and brass set a beautifully antique theme to their wedding day.  They were blessed to have their wedding in one of Colorado Springs’ best kept secrets!  Nestled in the residential area of the famous Broadmoor area, you’ll find an entire block of land framed by a stone wall with the most beautiful brick mansion and carriage house a.k.a Chapel of Our Saviour Episcopal Church, built in the early 1900′s.   The ceremony was held in the small cathedral and the reception was held in the mansion.  Enjoy!

The most beautiful baby sister a girl could ask for

dad sees his baby girl for the first time

the first look

programs made by hand

the reception

The Swing Connection jazz band played

Our grandmother who made her youngest grandchild’s wedding cake!  She even hand-crocheted the doilies you see on the layers

Congratulations Hunter and Lindsay!  I love you both so much!